Sunday, February 5, 2012

This week in the garden: February 5, 2012

Things are finally starting to pick up in the garden!  The lettuce really started to take off inside, so I decided it was time to move them outdoors.  Yesterday, the large bed covered with hairy vetch (cover crop) was tilled in, and the lettuces were transplanted into it.
Lettuce flat, ready to move outside.
Hairy vetch being tilled in.
After transplanting the lettuces, I covered them with a floating row cover.  I also direct sowed some more lettuce seeds.  I should not have a shortage of lettuce starting next month!
Buttercrunch lettuce.
 I broadcasted some carrot and beet seeds.  And I planted some snow and snap peas along the trellis.

I harvested 1.3 lbs of purple carrots that I planted in the fall. I love how pretty they are, but I'm not crazy about the taste.  This spring I'm trying danvers.

Purple carrots harvested in February.


  1. Going to link to you later this week from We're writing about backyard chickens, and we'll include your link in a post about poultry info. Like the way you include a bit about chickens with your gardening.

  2. Hi Anne -- Thanks for letting me know! I look forward to your post.


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