Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicken Chatter: Angel is almost back to normal

A month or so ago, I posted about how Angel, my salmon faverolle hen, was molting.  And the most frustrating part of the molt was the behavior of the rest of the flock--they all picked on her.
Angel--don't you just love the muff?
A few weeks ago, everyone except Sunshine quit being mean to Angel.  For some reason, Sunshine decided to pick/peck on Angel every chance that she got! Sunshine would even go out of her way to chase Angel down and peck her really hard.  Angel is now terrified of Sunshine. Given that Angel is our favorite chicken, my husband started telling Sunshine that we were going to eat her (and I'm not sure he was joking!).
Sunshine was frequently mean to Angel.
Angel avoiding Sunshine in the coop.
Poor Angel spent most of her time up in the coop to avoid the rest of the chickens.  But for the past few days, when I've come home, Angel has been on the ground with the other chickens, and seems to have much more energy.
Angel has been spending time with the other chickens.
I thought that the flock was returning to normal.  I decided to test them, and placed them all in their portable run together (I had been keeping Angel separate recently).  Initially, everything seemed fine.  Then I went out to check on them, and Angel was perched on the waterer to hide from Sunshine.  And later, when Angel jumped down, Sunshine kept pecking her or chasing her around.
Angel, hiding from Sunshine.
I think Angel feels better, but Sunshine is still being a bully.  I'm not sure what to do about her...

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