Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This week in the garden: Feb 29, 2012

I feel like the garden is finally starting to come back to life.  The tray of 'greens' that I started at the end of January had really taken off indoors (below), so all of those plants were transplanted outside over the weekend. From left to right: brocolli, cabbage, collards, kale.
The lettuce which was planted out into the garden the first week of February is looking healthy and really starting to grow.
These lettuces (below) are from my fall planting... I cut the plant above the roots, and now they have come back for a second crop. I love a second round of lettuce with no work on my part!
Spinach finally started growing well from a fall sowing:
 Speaking of things that overwintered, I had NO idea that cilantro will grow in this zone (7b) in the winter!  I kept expecting the fall cilantro to die, but it looked completely healthy all winter--here it is today.
 The chives are coming back to life after the winter, sending up new shoots.
 And here are some crocus bulbs blooming.  Spring is almost here!

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