Sunday, July 22, 2012

This week in the garden: 7/22/2012

Now that we are in the heat of summer, the garden has really taken off! Here are some pictures.

We finally decided to harvest all of the beets.
We got 3lbs and have already eaten them all.

This praying mantis has been guarding the
eggplants for weeks.

Long purple eggplant --we are FINALLY having the
eggplants start to produce, we still haven't harvested
any yet.

Tobago seasoning pepper. These plants are
covered with peppers!

Chickens are laying well.

Cucumber Drink! Click to see a post on how to make it.

Rutgers and Sungold tomatoes. We've harvested
over 50lbs of tomatoes this
month already!
How does  your garden grow!?


  1. Beets right now? Who would have thought! I am definitely going to try the cucumber drink. Great harvest.

  2. I just harvested (and ate) my first two eggplants for dinner! Can't wait to get more!

  3. Hi have a question about the Tobago seasoning pepper is it hot or mild? I have four pepper plants that look like this one but turn orange when they are ripe. I'm sure mine are habanero peppers they are very hot I tried one and that was enough for me. Thanks Ellen from Georgia

  4. Hi Ellen,
    The Tobago seasoning pepper is VERY mild. In fact, it is SO mild that we don't like them, and we tore up all of those peppers. The flavor reminded us of a crayon. No heat at all.
    Hope that helps!


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