Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Harvest Totals: July 2012

I knew July was going to be our biggest month this year--but it wasn't until I saw the spreadsheet that I realized JUST how big a month it was.

We harvested 180lbs of produce, 70 eggs, and it all had an estimated value of $789 (based on local farmers market prices).  That's 6x's the poundage of any other month this year!

Our big producers were the tomatoes. We got 100lbs of Rutgers tomatoes, and over 20lbs of Sungold tomatoes.  We also harvested half of our potatoes at the beginning of July (25lbs).  The shitakes, while not huge in poundage, made a big contribution to July's value (with over 7lbs).


  1. Your organization is amazing! Do you sell your produce or is it for friends and family?

  2. Congrats! I am still envious of your shitakes!

  3. Dit is persoonlijk een werkelijk uitstekend lezen, moet toegeven dat je een van de beste bloggers die ik ooit zag. We echt struikelde over dit op yahoo, en ik ben blij plachten te doen. Ik zal zeker weer terug te komen.


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