Saturday, June 2, 2012

Harvest Totals: May 2012

I'm pleased with our steady improvement in our garden every month.  This month, we harvested 23 lbs of produce and 87 eggs, for a rough value of $118.  The most exciting part of this month is that our Return on Investment is finally positive at $28! Our combined value of produce and eggs this year (based on local farmer's market prices) is almost $400. Our investment cost is based on the amount of money spent on seeds, potato seeds, plants, soil, electricity/water for seed starting, chicken feed, etc.  All garden-related expenses are added to the investment cost--ours was roughly $370 so far this year.

Our poundage went down from last month, but our estimated value grown increased because we were mostly harvesting collards last month, and this month we harvested a ton of snap and snow peas (which are more expensive than collards, here).


  1. Wow - great job! I just counted the tomatoes in my 2 plants and the count is at 23 now - just 2 little plants! I can't wait to see how many cucumbers and peppers I get! I might have to add another bed soon :-).

  2. Thanks Tilly's Nest -- I just make the graph using Excel. I keep a spreadsheet of all of the harvest totals for each vegetable type, and the graph updates automatically any time I add something.

    Claud - 23 on 2 tomato plants! Wow! You'll have a lot. :) In my experience, cucumbers are quite prolific!

  3. What a great idea. I track my totals but am not figuring out how much the equivalent amount would cost at the farmer's market. I need to start doing this!


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