Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harvest Totals: April 2012

Things finally started to pick up last month.  The big ticket items for April were greens.  We harvested 6 lbs of lettuce and 20 lbs of collards.  And we harvested 4 lbs of other veggies -- like snow peas and cabbage.

I'm pretty pleased with our performance so far this year--and the best is yet to come!

April was a vast improvement over the earlier months.


  1. Always impressed with your resourcefulness!

  2. Ok, I'm just happy that our little lettuce bed is now growing and so far the critters haven't eaten it before we can.

  3. Thanks, Anne! I think lettuce can be a little tricky - I had no luck with it my first year, and only moderate luck with it the second. In my area, the trick is to start it indoors, and then plant it out while the weather is still pretty cool. This gave the lettuce a chance to grow before bugs could get to it.

    I bet it could also be grown very successfully under a cover.


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