Thursday, December 22, 2011

Garden Organization: Seed storage

Do you grow your plants from seed?  If so, how do you store the seeds?

Because I'm just a home gardener, the normal seed packages frequently contain more seeds than I need in one season.  But many of those seeds are good for more than one season, especially if stored properly.  So what's a gardener to do?

Well, first she does her research!  This is what I found from NC State's horticultural department:

"If seeds are obtained well ahead of the actual sowing date (or are surplus seeds), store them in a cool, dry place. Laminated foil packages help ensure dry storage. Paper packets are best kept in tightly sealed containers and maintained around 40oF in low humidity. A good storage location would be an air-tight jar or a sealed, Zip-Lock-type bag in the refrigerator."

I love when gardening directions are really specific--frequently they are a little vague.  But this one told me to use a Zip-Lock bag and put them in the fridge!  I can't screw this one up!

I have a bunch of paper seed packets, especially since I just had my new shipment of spring seeds come in!  So in addition to storing them properly, I wanted to organize.

I decided to divide things up by plant family, because they would probably be planted around the same time. I used an index card to write down what was in each group.
  Then I put each group and the index card in a sandwich bag.
  Next, I put all of the sandwich bags into a large gallon bag, ready to pop into the fridge.
I feel so good about myself when I organize something. :)

How do you organize your seed collection?


  1. I'm definitely not as organized as you are. But have certainly addressed a question I had - thanks :-). I will try this year again to a grow a small garden in a different area this year. Last year's attempt was not successful at all.

    Thanks for all the great advice.

  2. Thanks Claud!

    Gardening is a learning experience. :) I'm sure you'll get better every year.

  3. You are way more organized than I am. I leave mine in the original package and stuff them in a ziploc and shove them in a drawer. If you want to unload some seeds (and get some others in return) check out the swap on my blog.
    BTW, love your blog. I am also in the piedmont so we face a lot of the same issues in the garden!


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